September 2014 onwards: links to good practice

I’m having several emails from teachers who seem to be pretty much ‘at sea’ as to what they should be teaching and where they can get help. Here are links to some of the good practice I am coming across: I will try and update this quite regularly.  Clare Seccombe (MFL Teacher and Consultant) is a KS2 practising languages teacher with both excellent ideas for classroom activities and her finger on the national pulse of what is happening.  Janet has an excellent website and a separate blog: full of useable ideas, resources and links to current practice in the North-West Lisa Stevens shares excellent ideas, especially for Spanish, and for using up to date technology Once a bastion of secondary only practice, the ALL is really trying to expand into primary and become a national ‘voice’ for primary languages.  I strongly advise interested KS2 teachers to both join the association and take an active part in its regional activities.  This is a wiki for primary teachers and advisers to share ideas and resources: visit and join!

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