Resources to support a multi-lingual, language awareness approach in KS2

1.Use this link to see a copy of the KS2 Languages pages from the Primary National Curriculum

2. Connecting the Curriculum Dots in KS2 through a multi-lingual approach’. Handout for ALL 2015 conference. 

3. Discovering Language Resources: Language awareness support for the KS2 classroom

Discovering Language table of 16 proposed units

Discovering Language resources are being written to provide a foundation in ‘language awareness’, preparing KS2 pupils for in-depth language studies in KS3. These materials specifically support non-specialist, generalist teachers using a multi-lingual KS2 model but can also be used to enrich single language teaching in KS2.

Stop Press: Download units A.1 and B.1 and try them out in the classroom. Please contact if you want notification of new units as they become available throughout 2017

A.1 & B.1 Introduction & teachers’ notes for web

A.1: Shh! PowerPoint.

B.1: Discovering Word Cousins PowerPoint


The Discovering Language modules:

  • encourage KS2 pupils to actively ‘discover’ links between new languages and with English
  • can be taught as part of foreign language lessons or during English lessons
  • can be used flexibly according to a school’s language choices or mixed-age planning needs
  • work could be collated in a Y3-Y6 portfolio: to record progress and to link language changes

The Discovering Language teachers’ guide and PowerPoint slides include:

  • four progressive modules, each with a specific ‘language awareness’ focus, with:
    • 4 units per module: each unit containing 2 x 60 minute lesson plans
    • medium term plans with learning objectives and wider curriculum links
    • activities, games, worksheets and assessment opportunities
    • detailed language awareness ‘teaching points’ to support generalist teachers
    • extension suggestions for older or higher attaining pupils, or returning pupils in mixed-age classes


Extra DL resources

Y3 medium term plan

Y4 medium term plan

Y5 medium term plan

Y6 medium term plan







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