Hocus and Lotus

UK Schools

I can offer advice and support in using the Dinocrocs (Hocus and Lotus) materials  including refresher courses and a hands-on try out for new schools. For further details of training course content and costs please download:Hocus and Lotus Dinocrocs training for schools PDF

An excellent way to introduce a new language in KS1, the Dinocrocs approach is  based on many years of psycho-linguistic research and mimics the way children learn their first language. It is designed for the non-specialist teacher who is given training in a short story per half term.

In the classroom
The teacher actively narrates a given story, about the adventures of Hocus and Lotus, the dinocrocs, with the children copying each phrase and actions as a group. These frequent, very active, theatrical repetitions of the same vocabulary (about 10-12 per story) give familiarity and embed meaning without translation. Pupils then watch the same story as a cartoon enabling them to internalise the vocabulary (spoken by native speakers) with the meaning reinforced through images. If the process sounds familiar to ‘story telling’ … it is: Pie Corbett acknowledges Dinocrocs as his original inspiration.
The resource materials
The material needed to resource a year group would be: a teacher’s manual , training DVD and t shirt and a pupils’ DVD. Both these are multilingual (English, French, Spanish, German or Italian). There is also a monolingual CD of the cartoon soundtrack to be used as a ‘sing along’.These materials give you 6 stories , enough for one year with one story per half term. There are actually over 30 stories but the first 18 are most suited to KS1. This can eventually give a school a 3 year programme and the batches of 6 stories can be mixed and matched should you have a mixed age issue.
The website for old and new schools
Take a look at the website: www.hocus-lotus.edu  and click the English icon for a translation, information on purchasing materials from Europe and links to news and film clips on how this innovative approach works in practice in both UK and other European schools.